Why isn’t my plant flowering yet?


There are several reasons why a plant that should be flowering may not yet be showing signs of doing so… yet. I am going to try to cover the most likely scenarios.

First, are the plants reduced to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness per 24 hour period. This is the most essential and necessary part of inducing a cannabis plant into it’s flowering stage. If a plant is given the proper photo period and is still not flowering…

Is the plant old enough to flower, typically a plant should be at least a foot tall to flower. While this is not necessary in all cases if you are growing from seeds a smaller plant may not yet be mature enough to enter into the flowering stage. If you plant is taller than 12 inches and still not flowering…

Is there light leaking into the flowering area during the dark period. This is a common problem referred to light leakage, some strains are more susceptible to this than others but is something that should be addressed seriously in all grow rooms. If you plants are in complete darkness for 12 hours per day and are still not showing signs of flowering than…

How long has the plant been in a 12 hours photo period. Some strains can take a couple of weeks to show signs that they are flowering. Or if the plant is an auto flowering variety it may require a specific number of days of growth in order to begin flowering.

Hopefully this answered your question, if not message us directly.

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