When can you tell if a marijuana plant is female?


This is possibly the most asked question by growers who have chosen to grow from seed. If you are growing in a controlled environment the plant should begin to show sex a week or so after you have switched to 12/12 light schedule, but it could be much sooner and if you are trying to be sure you don’t have any males it is important to check each day.

If you are growing outdoors this can be a bit more tricky, you want to be aware of when your natural flowering time is. In California, where I grow, you will typically see the start of the flowering season by late July or early August. Once the flowering period has begun it is important to check as often as possible for signs that your plant is either male or female.

If you are not trying to produce seeds it is important to remove the male plants as soon as they are located.

For a detailed breakdown read our article “How to sex a plant“.

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