What is better seeds or clones?


This is a very difficult questions to answer, as there are several variables that come into play.

  1. Do you KNOW the clones you are getting are the genetics you are looking for. If so than this is probably the safest way to get the exact genetics you are looking for and growing the exact strain you are looking for.
  2. Do you know how to, and are you prepared to tell if a cannabis plant is female. In order to grow a plant without seeds all of the males that grow from seed must be removed. This can also be accomplished by securing feminized seeds.
  3. Seeds in my experience, while taking longer to get started, grow and root stronger once they have established them selves. But a seed can take 3 weeks before it is the size of a healthy clone.

It really comes down to your priorities and what you are looking for out of your grow. There are a lot of variables, I think the primary for me is the time it takes to veg a seed vs the time necessary to veg a clone. Getting a seed grown plant large enough to flower commercially can take 8 weeks vs just 4 weeks with clones, this is likely why the majority of indoor cannabis is grown from clone.

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