Needles California Bets Big on Marijuana Industry


Before becoming the Mayor, Jeff Williams’ job was to arrest people for selling Marijuana – but of course, this was before its legalization during his time as County Sheriff. At that time, he also voted against legalizing of recreational Marijuana in a referendum.

However, it seems like that times have changed. With the legalization of marijuana, Williams has now shared that things are different, and Needles, California, needs to adapt with the time. As he has shared, the railroad jobs had largely vanished away, leaving a big hole in the community in terms of job opportunities and careers. “If a small community like this isn’t growing, it’s dying-and that’s what we were doing. We needed to do something,” Williams said.

Back in 2016, Adult usage of Marijuana was legalized in California for individuals over the age of 21. With the lack of job opportunities, the pass-through traffic of Californians to other states (such as Arizona and Nevada), and the high amount of traveling traffic that passes through the city, Needles was among the top-runners to take advantage of the situation. With the legalization of marijuana, Needles implemented an ordinance to allow farming, manufacturing, supply, and marijuana testing.

As Mayor Jeff Williams says, “It was a window of opportunity for us to go into the industry. That’s what you have to do as an elected official: Look for an industry to improve the quality of life for your citizens.”

With the passage of time, Williams has completely changed the viewpoint of the public community in Needles about cannabis after he saw a proliferation in the economy of a town which had seen so many lows during recent years.

Williams says, “I test a lot and tell the kids that it is not good for them.” However, the mayor admits and agrees to the medical benefits of marijuana, which was legalized for medical purposes back in 1996.

As a result, Needles issued 83 work permits for the bourgeoning marijuana industry – and companies are taking advantage of this growing industry!

For example, a highly professional and renowned company in the field of cannabis in California, namely Vertical Companies, opted to invest heavily in Needles, moving there after buying around 29 acres of land for various operations and license types. Seeing this, many experts envision and are hopeful that steps like this one would definitely have a huge impact leading towards an exponential rise in the town’s economy.

Needles is a big open city out in the country (for California) so the biggest benefit they have is very low rates of basic utilities like electricity, water, and land. That becomes the key to success as these factors are the main contributing factors in the production of cannabis.

As a result of its investments, Vertical Companies hopes to hire 400-500 people within the next few years from Needles. If these individuals can gain the skills to perform jobs in the medical industry through companies like this, many are hopeful that people from this part of the country will get better jobs.

The legalization of marijuana in California, and the acceptance of the city of Needles has opened a passage for job opportunities, economic stability, and generation of tax revenue for the state and ultimately for the people. As a result, the people and companies attached with marijuana businesses are moving in great numbers to Needles to flourish their businesses.

In a nutshell, professionals believe that there is a huge potential in this land hence, exposing it to an unstoppable amount of progression by relying on this industry. People of the town are also very optimistic and are eager to grab the opportunity.

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