Marijuana Transparency Bill in Nevada


A usually loquacious Nevada’s Governor Steve Sisolak was seen quite happy and delighted after he signed the Marijuana Transparency Bill which is focused on making the identities of business owners’ and business names public for the general good of the state.

The Governor was optimistic of the future potential and appreciated it by hoping that it would boost the business of marijuana. “I am thrilled”, he told the journalists after the ceremony. He further added, “I wish I could’ve signed it two months ago, but it’s here today, which is a good thing.”

The SB 32, a bill brought by the department of Taxation, publicizes the names of marijuana business owners, business names and any officer or board member who is officially integrated with the marijuana business. The state plans to issue the license to the finalized applicants. Furthermore, the bill also has the inbuilt utensils to assess the applicants in addition to the rating which is planned to be given to the final applicants by the regulators.

Earlier some secretive applicants were promoted as per the people who did not get permission to start their business during the licensing distribution procedure from the state; they go for lawsuits claiming that they have been misled by the authorities. People backing the bill were quite hopeful in terms of prevention of lawsuits of such nature in future. Democratic Governor himself refused to comment on whether it would help the current cases of the state in the court or otherwise, however he said that the bill was totally in line with the “policy of transparency” of his Government.

Around 10,000 marijuana business records and 8,900 license seekers can now easily be accessed. These records can now be found on the Taxation’s website of the Nevada Department.

Marijuana retailers greeted the move in a statement before the bill was even signed. The sale report of marijuana in the year 2017-18 was about
$ 425 million in Nevada. Sales of medical marijuana were around $ 105 million.

State lawmakers rightly intend to implement measures on illegal marijuana sellers which affect the legal marijuana industry in a very bad manner.

Philip Peckman, co-owner of Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, said “Nevadans deserve to have a safe marijuana market. One that keeps criminals out of the business and ensures we have the best oversight systems in the nation. Our health and safety should never be compromised”.

Sisolak declared the plans of Cannabis Compliance Board during his foundational address to the state, when he promised a panel to promote the industry widely in a fair manner that whole state would feel proud of. The marijuana industry is envisaged to create new jobs and opportunities with expanded tax revenue.

After the signing of the bill of marijuana legalization, the issue of transparency appears to be next at hand because majority businessman would want to get their licenses but the new system would only select qualified applicants. The state wants to get benefits from marijuana industry and use it for positive purposes alongside stopping illegal selling of marijuana in black market.

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