Identifying White Powdery Mildew


How to Identify White Powdery Mildew

If gardening is your hobby, you should know the best ways to take care of those. If you are noticing white spots on the leaves, that means the plant is attacked by white powdery mildew. These are quite harmful to your plants, and if you don’t take early steps, the plants will be destroyed. But knowing more about the healing process of your plants, you should know what white powdery mildew is.

White Powdery Mildew – The Destroyer of Plants

These are kind of fungus which grows rapidly ruins plants. They mainly eat the leaves by reproducing more and more white powdery mildews. How can you spot this killer fungus? If you notice white patches of fungus on the plants (at any part) and see that is growing overnight, you should start taking steps. With proper treatment, you can remove those easily. Here you will also get to know about that.

How to Remove White Powdery Mildew

  • To remove them from leaves you will need paper towels and water. Wet the towels and wipe the affected leaves.


  • Keep the plants in an area which gets enough airflow and ventilation. Wet and humid places are the best dwelling ground of those mildews.


  • Do you want any homemade remedies? Then you can use hydrogen peroxide, milk, neem oil, baking soda, etc. to repair essential concoctions to remove mildews.


Having indoor plants enhance the interior decoration of your house. But, that is only when you take the best care of them.

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