Identifying Thrips in Your Garden


How to Get Rid Of Thrips

If you have a cannabis crop growing in your garden then you should look out for these guys. Thrips are quick small creatures who feed on your lovely plants and they are left damaged. As the leaves have spots farmers may often take it as lack of nutrition but it can be the nasty Thrips.

Description of Thrips Damage

  • As Thrips suck on the leaves to feed on them, the leaves are left with silvery colourless spots. The spots are irregular and larger, a feature which makes them distinct from spider mites. The attacks may often kill leaves and this may happen quickly because of an infestation.
  • You can find Thrips in many form on the leaves, the adults are small and are black or brown in colour. Younger ones can be yellow or golden in colour and may possess no wings. The insects have a long body. There biting often gives dried spit appearance to the leaves.


  • If you have a Thrips infestation then you have to definitely spray your plants with products like insecticide soap, Neem oil or Spinosad products. It is best to use them 2/3 days and before using them give the plants a good wash. The products will help in keeping the predators away. Pyrethrin sprays can also be used to keep the insects away.

Maintaining a good health for the plants is really needed as it helps to retain the quality. If not protected your plant will die off soon or may become useless. So, it is best to keep an eye on nasty insects.

Essential Tips to Remove Cannabis Thrips Damage

The insects that damage the leaves and the entire plant the most include thrips. These are of many forms. The dark winged small insects or the pale worms- all these are different forms of thrips and this dwell and destroy the Cannabis plant, and therefore, the name is like that. The insect is quite small, but they damage bigger. At adifferent part of the life, they appear in separate forms. Today, you will get information about how to get rid of Cannabis thrips. Have a look.

Ways to Remove Cannabis Thrips

Yes, you can use pesticides, but those are not good for your health as those are harsh chemicals. Why not try something milder, yet effective? Here are some of these-

  1. Insecticidal Soap

This is an amazing remedy to kill thrips. As these are mild for your plants, you can use that. This insecticide is also not that much harmful as those don’t leave much residue, but effective of weakening the outer shell of the insect.

  1. Spinosad Products

These are one the best remedies to kill thrips, and they are also naïve for kids, pets, and plants. You can use these products heavily on plants if the insect attack is more. Apply directly or use while watering.

  1. Neem Oil

This always works the best for killing any kinds of pests. There is an unpleasant smell of the product that shields your plant, and no evil insects can do any harm to that.

Using pesticides can be a quicker remedy, but those can cause long time harm. Follow these methods and keep your plants healthy.

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