Identifying Spider Mites in Your Garden


Cannabis is a precious crop, and you do want to keep away any kind of insect from it. Spider mite belongs from the family of mites, and it is quite common in cannabis crops. Spider mites are quite hard to get rid of so you have to be very careful about them being on your plants.

Features of Spider Mite Attack

  • A cannabis plant which has been attacked by spider mites will often have tiny bite marks on the leaves. The bite marks often show up as red or yellow spots and the small mites on the back side of the leaves.
  • When the infestation is on a large scale, you will be able to see silk like webbing on the plants and also around the buds. This is quite a serious issue, and the insects will have no intention to leave.
  • Even if the adults are done with the eggs may persevere, and the hatchlings may feast on your plants too. So, you should also look out to eradicate the whole family of the mites.


  • You may wash down the plants with your hose and then spray insecticides like Neem oil, Aramax or mighty wash to kill the pests. Then you have to follow with a different solution pray after 2-3 days and keep doing it for 2 weeks or so. And in between inspect the leaves well to keep them away from the spider mites.

Tackling spider mites is quite hard because of their size but to have a good crop you have to get rid of them, and a good solution will make sure that you have a healthy cannabis plant. For a more through solution visit How to get rid of Spider Mites

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