Identifying Slugs and Snails in Your Garden


Growing cannabis is quite a careful job itself and upon that you have to battle slimy creatures eating them. Any type of bugs and insects can harm your crop and often kill the plant. So you have to be careful and apply solutions to get rid of them. One such bug is slugs/snails that often come in groups and eat the crops. The bugs are slimy in nature and snails have a hard shell covering.

How to Detect a Slug (Snail) Infestation?

  • Slugs and snails leave a trail either on the plants or on the nearby ground; the slime is silvery in color.
  • They feed on the tender leaves which will have large holes, and there will be scalloped edges on the buds.
  • The most infestations appear in the season of spring.
  • If the seedlings have been left bare overnight, then it may be a slug/snail alert.
  • If your crops are having signs intense damage in a small amount of time.

Some Ways to Battle the Slugs (Snails)

  • You can add some toads, frogs, and beetles in your crop area as they are predators for slime/slugs.
  • One way is to set up physical barriers that the bugs cannot invade, these can be circles made of lime around the plants, eggshells or sawdust.
  • Once you see the cannabis predators, you should always pick them out to save the plants.

Battling out slugs can often be a process as there are so many, but once you do it, you will have good plants that do not have damage.




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