Identifying Mealy Bugs in Your Garden


How to Identify Mealybugs in Your Garden

On a cannabis plant, you have to always look out for predators that may harm the plant. It is quite important to have a regular check as you never know when an infestation may take place. On such enemy are mealybugs who feed on the leaves and ruins the plants at a fast growth rate.

Appearance and Feeding Habits of Mealybugs

  • Mealybugs are white in color, and they have a hairy body. They can be easily spotted on leaves, and they generally hide on the backside of the leaves. Mealybugs often cover a whole part of a plant and stay there to feed on the plant comfortably.
  • Mealybugs produce honeydew a sweet substance that may attract other insects like ants. The leaves often turn yellow because of mealybugs, and it can kill the plant very easily if the infestation isn’t taken care of.

Solutions to Get Rid Of Mealybugs

  • As they stick on the plants you do need to get rid of them, and you have first to spray the plant with water, and you may also remove clusters of Mealybugs by hand.
  • Then you have to spray the plant with insecticide sprays, Neem oil, and alcohol solution but does that in succession. You may need to do it for a week or so and keep an eye on the return of any Mealybugs.

Just follow a routine, and in no time you will have safe crops. But do not forget to check occasionally as predators do attack often in most of the crops, and your aim will be to have healthy and good looking plants on the time of cultivation.

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