Identifying Leaf Septoria and Yellow Leaf Spot In Your Garden


You may find yellow spots on your cannabis leave one day and it may depression you quite a bit. Having a sick cannabis plant can be heartbreaking but having knowledge on the topic will help you to battle it if your plant is affected somehow.

What Leaf Does Septoria Look Like?

  • Leaf Septoria is the work of a fungus that thrives on the cannabis plant on a warm and moist weather. The spots are first seen on the back side of the leaf, and then they can take on the whole leaf and also turn on to other leaves.
  • The fungus makes the leaves have uniform spots having darkened borders and a score in the middle. The yellow spots turn into brown at a later age and at last, kill the leaf. If your plant has had the fungus for a time, then you may detect it using the brown spots.


  • Firstly you have to remove the affected leaves without hurting your plant.
  • Prune the nearby growth around the affected leaves so that the plant may have a better circulation.
  • Do not let water or moisture settle on the leaves as they can ruin the condition.
  • Clean the soil around the plant from any rotten leaves so that the fungus may not grow.
  • You may spray your plant with neem oil to prevent it from further fungus attack.

Keep an eye on your plant and prune any leaves that may have yellow spots. Regular care will make your crop better, and you will have nice looking nutrition rich cannabis at the end of the day.

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