Identifying Leaf Miners in Your Garden


Damage of Leaf Miners is not easy to detect, but they can be a serious issue for the plants. Take drastic measure to control Leaf Miners otherwise they can ruin your garden. Take a look how can you identify and destroy the Leaf Miners.


Identifying Leaf Miners


Looks and damage symptoms are almost same for all the Leaf Miners. They look like the black flies. The fact is that Leaf Miners don’t harm the plants directly, the larvae create the problems. Yellow line, spots, and blotches are the signs of Leaf Miners’ damage.


Control Methods of Leaf Miners


Application of pesticides on the plants is the most common method to control. But you have to spray it at the right time otherwise it can’t kill the Leaf Miner flies. There is a trick to guess the exact timing. Keep some infected leaves in a bag and watch daily. When you find small flies, spray the pesticides regularly.


The pesticide control method is not very effective for the Leaf Miners. Some beneficial bugs can help you in this matter. Buy wasps called Diglyphus isaea and release them into your garden. These enemies of the Leaf Miners will enjoy eating them and soon removing them from your garden. But be alert while using pesticides because pesticides can kill the wasps also. So, use specific pesticides for the Leaf Miners only.


Another way of killing the Leaf Miners is Neem oil. This natural oil reduces the larvae. Repeat the treatments every five or ten days until you achieve success.

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