Identifying Grasshoppers in Your Garden


Grasshoppers may look cool, but they are like a horror movie for the farmers. They chew the leaves and stems of your plants and ruin your entire garden. Grasshoppers consume one-half of their weight daily and soon make all the plants leafless. They are green or reddish yellow with wings and short antennas. Dry climate, low lying plants, and grasses are their main preference. They remain in a place as long as there is enough food for them because Grasshoppers don’t like to spend energy to find foods.

Ways to control Grasshoppers

  • Get Some Chickens – Chickens are the enemies of the Grasshoppers. They love to eat the hoppers and protect your garden from their damage. You can get eggs also!!
  • Make It Spicy – Hot pepper wax insect repellent is very beneficial in this matter. After applying this on the plants, Grasshoppers can’t realize the taste of the leaves, so they don’t eat them.
  • Look for Neem – Neem is the most effective natural way to destroy any type of bugs or insects. The leaves are easily available and a natural disinfectant also. Apply neem oil on the plants to eradicate the grasshoppers.
  • Try Ecobran – ‘Ecobran’ is a product especially for the Grasshoppers. It doesn’t affect other birds or insects. It consists carbaryl. Ecorban is a good solution to fight against Grasshoppers mainly for the small landowners.

The process mentioned above undoubtedly help you to control the grasshoppers population and prevent it from destroying your plants, but to destroy them properly you have to understand the behaviors of the Grasshoppers as well.

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