Identifying Crickets in your Garden


Crickets are insects that belong to Orthoptera and related to grasshoppers. Their flattened body consists two antennas, two sturdy legs, and two wings. They can be found in multiple colors like black, green, red and brown. It is quite surprising that in many countries of the world cricket is the sign of good luck. But unfortunately, they love to eat cannabis plants. If the plants get infested with them, they will start munching on the leaves.

You can follow some simple steps to control the crickets from ruining your precious garden.

Check Your Plant Regularly – If you notice a cricket infestation, destroy them as soon as possible. They prefer to come out at night so check your plants in the evening. Light attracts the crickets so don’t switch on the light. Try to keep your yard clean because crickets also love garbage.

Crickets Bait & Traps – Crickets baits can catch the crickets and capture them. This process doesn’t finish the infestation but decreases the number of crickets. As mentioned before, crickets are attracted to lights, so you can fit a light source with the trap to attract them easily.

Spinosad – Spinosad product is a natural way to kill the crickets. It is harmless to humans and animals and plants also. Spray it directly on the plants to remove the insects.

Some other ways are Neem oil, Pyrethrin, floating row covers to completely get rid of the crickets. Remember that you have to follow the steps in a well-managed way to prevent the crickets.

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