Ideal pH for Hydroponic Marijuana Gardens


Optimal pH for Hydroponic Marijuana Plants

The pH level of the environment in which marijuana plants are grown in must be maintained at a specific level. This is particularly important for the plants that are being grown in a hydroponic system. The main reason for sustaining a particular pH value is to allow the plants to absorb the necessary nutrients. If the level is lower or higher than what is required, the plant will become malnourished over a period of time.

The Best pH Level for Marijuana Plants

The optimal pH level for marijuana plants exists within a range. It is vital that the plants are grown in an environment that has a pH value between 5.8 and 6.2. If the pH value goes beyond this range, the growth of the plants will be severely stunted.

A pH value that is slightly lower than 5.8 can be tolerated by the plants. However, it is quite dangerous for the pH value to be above 6.2. At values above this, the growth will be stunted even more and will remain restricted until the optimal level is achieved once more.

In most instances, the situation can be remedied. For instance, if the environment is more or less acidic than what is required, recreating the right level will get the plants to start growing again. Sometimes, however, the damage may be irreversible. This is more likely to happen if the pH level either goes below 5.3 or above 6.5. Here, the plant may die or face irreparable damage.

The Effect of a pH Level Increase or Decrease

So, just how bad is a slight increase in the pH level of the environment? Well, a difference of just 1.0 is equivalent to an increase or decrease in the level by ten times. This means that an environment that has a value of 5.0 will be ten times more acidic than one that has 6.0. If there were to be a difference of 2.0, this would mean that a particular environment would be 100 times more or less acidic.

This is why that the pH level of the environment has to be monitored at all times. Even a slight depreciation or elevation in the value could mean disaster for the plants.

When Should the Level Be Measured?

The first time that you measure the pH level should be once the nutrients have been added to the water that will remain in the reservoir. This is because the level is altered when the nutrients are introduced. Typically, you can expect the pH level of the water to decrease.

It is important to check the pH level at least once a day although several times a day will be more helpful. As the plants absorb the nutrients, the pH level will change and need to be maintained once more.

Now, different growers report having positive results with growing their plants at various pH levels, some of these above or below the values mentioned here. However, if you are a first-time grower, it is best to follow these guidelines. Once you have a greater awareness of the growing process, you can then manipulate the pH levels accordingly.

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