Identifying White Flies in Your Garden


You may not notice them at first, but the pale leaves can make you check them carefully. These are almost like spider mites which dwell beneath the leaves and take out all nutritional elements from the plant. When these flies get piled on a leaf, you will see white spots on it. Often you may notice them flying around a tree when there is still no leaf damage. As the eggs are stuck to the leaves, wiping is not the solution. But, removing those at anearly stage is necessary; otherwise, you can’t handle them later. How to remove them? Read on to know more.

Basic Steps to Remove White Flies from Plants

There are certain products that can help you here. Instead of using pesticides, these remedies work better to kill white flies-

  1. Neem Oil

Whether it is thrips or white flies, you can use neem oil for the best result. The unpleasant smell of the oil keeps the insects away from the plants. But, you should handle it with care as this product is quite harmful to human health.

  1. Insecticidal Soap

It is another essential insect killer which is not a harsh chemical like other pesticides. It is quite effective as it weakens the outer shell of the bug and kills it instantly. Follow the using method on the bottle.

  1. Spinosad

If you are confused about using any types of chemicals, go for this organic product which is superbly harmless. Try this one.

So, these are the products that can do the best to kill the white flies that do maximum damage to the plants. Try now if you have one affected leaf in your garden.

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