How Marijuana Plants Flower


More Information on Cannabis Plant Flowering Phase

Once cannabis plants have grown through the vegetative phase, they teach the flowering phase. This is the stage that comes before the harvest.

How Cannabis Plants Flower

Cannabis plants flower depending on how much lights each receives. Cannabis plants naturally flower during the fall months when the summer light fades. Plants that grow indoors would start flowering with a gradual decrease of available light. The decrease of light tells the plants that they are maturing and nearing the end of a life cycle, resulting in flowers, and ultimately crops.

How to Get Cannabis Plants to Respond to Light

During the vegetative stage, cannabis plants can be trained to reach the flowering stage by arranging to have light for exactly 12 hours a day, and uninterrupted darkness for another 12 hours. When plants undergo the 12/12 method, they require less nitrogen than the beginning of the vegetative phase. It also means that the plants require more potassium and phosphorus as nutrients. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to use a nutrient or a growth medium high in phosphorus and potassium during this stage.

Determining Plant Sex

Determining the sex of each of the cannabis plants is important during the flowering stage. It’s relatively easy to do. Once the 12/12 method starts, the plants usually reveal the sex in 7 to 10 days afterward. Carefully look at the nodes of the plants among the leaves. The nodes are the part of the plant where the stem is connected to the offshoots.  If there are two white hairs coming out of these nodes, then the plant is female. The white hairs are pistils, or “ovaries” of the female cannabis plants. For more information on how to tell if a plant is female.

Flowering Period

The flowering period will depend on the strain of the cannabis plant. Unlike with the vegetative stage, the grower cannot accelerate the flowering period. Most strains of marijuana flower for about 8 to 14 weeks. Some strains may take even longer. Indica strains flower quickly in about 8 weeks. Sativa strains tend to take longer. Pure sativa can flower for 12 to 14 weeks, or even more in some sativa strains. There are sativa strains that can take 16 weeks or more the flower too. Indica strains, therefore, are easier to grow indoors than sativa varieties. Growers expecting quick crops should choose an indica strain for this reason.

It’s very important to take good care of the cannabis plants during the flowering period. Make sure the plants get good nutrients to facilitate flowering. Be careful about how much light the plants receive as well. These factors are very easy to control indoors.


Once the marijuana plants have flowered, they would be ready for harvesting. A harvested crop can go through the vegetative phase once more and bear flowers and new crops. Growers who want to profit quickly can grow indica strains indoors. Sativa strains take time to mature, flower, and harvest, but they can be rewarding in many other ways to grow.

It’s highly recommended to research a strain to know for sure how long the flowering period will be. If the plants grow tall and big naturally, they will flower optimally in outdoor settings.


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