Growth Phases of a Marijuana Plant


Basic Growth Time Table for Cannabis

The growth period for cannabis plants depends on the type of cannabis, nutrients available, access to sunlight, and several other factors. But generally speaking, it can be said that the average cannabis plants take about three or four months to reach maturity after seeding. The growth time can be dramatically reduced to about two months by using advanced growing techniques, training, and some other tools. Read ahead for a brief time table on how long cannabis plants take to grow in indoor environments. Keep in mind that the typical growth schedule can be broken down into seven main phases.

Phase 1: Setting Up Grow Rooms

This is the very first stage where the grower prepares a medium and an environment for growing cannabis plants or seeds. During this phase, the grower will have to spend significant time setting up growth rooms or greenhouses. For some varieties of cannabis, growth mediums will have to be prepared in advance as well. This could take a day to two weeks.

Phase 2: Seeding or Cloning

This is the phase where the grower plants the seeds or the clones. Clones are cuts from healthy parent plants that can be put in a nutrient medium and cultivated. Some cannabis varieties are best grown from seeds. It’s easy to obtain seeds over the internet if the grower is completely new to cultivation. Otherwise, clones can be cut from healthy plants. However, it’s very difficult to obtain clones in regions where marijuana is still considered illegal. Cultivating from seeds can take several weeks.

Phase 2a: Germinating

This step is only needed if seeds are being used, not clones. Seeds will have to be germinated for two to three days. This phase will take between 12 hours and eight days to complete. Typically you place a number of seeds between two damp paper towels and monitor them for roots and mold.

Phase 2b: Seeding

This is the phase where seeds are planted. It’s not necessary when using clones. Once your plants that have been germinated show roots you plant them into a small container or directly into the container you will be growing them in. This is called seeding your plants. Seeding can take between a week and 4 weeks, this is because in the early stages seedlings will grow very slowly.

Phase 5: Vegetative Stage

This is the phase when the plants begin to grow. This phase can take between one and six months. Unlike most of the above phases, this phase can be controlled by the grower. With the right tools and technique, the grower can significantly reduce the time of the vegetative stage. The secret is to make sure the plants receive 16 or more hours of light each day. This light schedule will insure that the plants remain in vegetative state for as long as the grower wants. During this stage if you have started using seeds you will want to determine the sex of your plants and remove the males.

Phase 6: Flowering

If the vegetative stage is handled properly, the flowering phase will come easily, simply reduce the light per day to only 12 hours. The plants grow rapidly and double in size when it’s time to flower. Cannabis plants typically flower during the months of Fall, when there’s less sunlight. Most varieties of cannabis flower between eight and fourteen weeks. Some Sativa strains are known to flower for more than sixteen weeks. So the time period for this phase will really depend on the plant breed.

Phase 7: Harvest

Finally, once the plants have matured and flowered, it will be time to harvest the first crops. It can take between one and three days to harvest a farm-sized cannabis nursery.

Do keep in mind that the above time table may change depending on the strain of the plant and technique the grower uses.

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