Grape Ape Marijuana Strain Review

Grape Ape Marijuana Strain Review


Grape Ape Strain Review

Strain Highlights

Grape Ape is an indica crossbreed named after its very distinct grape aroma and taste. This strain delivers a strong ape punch to the face which can make the smoker feel sleepy and heavy almost immediately after. The “ape” part of the names comes from the feeling of heaviness a puff of this strain can provide that makes the smoker feel like an ape in one’s own stupidity. Therefore, Grape Ape is recommended for those seeking deep states of relaxation and a child like meditative state. This strain is recommended mainly for insomnia, pain relief, stress relief ,and a popular as a cancer management with this medical marijuana strain.

Growth Information

Grape Ape is a marijuana plant that grows really well indoors. It is a high yielding plant with a yield that is not reduced when grown indoors. Grape Ape flowers in 7 to 8 weeks with thick and dense buds. Due to the buds growth ,really dense, the lower canopy should be primed and pruned to keep air flowing without obstructions. If not cleared, humidity can accumulate and result in mold in the lower canopy. Though pest infestations are less common.

This strain is ideally suited for hydroponic growth mediums. Grape Ape is not awfully difficult to grow, requiring moderate care, so it’s suited for growers with some experience.


Grape Ape is an indica blend that is created by cross-breeding Afghani, Skunk, and Mendocino Purps plants.


Grape Ape has a very sweet grape flavor and a smell, with undertones of berries and flowers. The fruity aftertaste is very prominent. After one hit you can feel the “tropical punch” to the face.


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