Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain Review

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain Review


Girl Scout Cookies Strain Review

The Girl Scout Cookies strain was first grown in California but quickly gained popularity among users everywhere. This potent strain can minimize many mental and physical ailments.

Highlights of the Strain

The primary effect afforded by Girl Scout Cookies is complete physical relaxation. Mentally, however, users find themselves feeling happy and borderline euphoric. There is a general lift to one’s mood as well. These results is why this strain has been known to be used to battle stress and reduce the symptoms associated with depression. Girl Scout Cookies is also very adept at improving the appetite and helping with insomnia. In certain instances, the strain can be utilized to reduce severe pain.

Overall, the strain contains a high THC percentage, anywhere from 17 to 28 percent. The CBD composition is between 0.09 and 2 percent.


Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant strain with a robust sativa component. The parents of this strain are Durban Poison and OG Kush.


Girl Scout Cookies are named so because they exude a sweet taste. They are quite pungent on the tongue and users are able to detect a certain amount of earthiness.

Grow Info

Girl Scout Cookies can be grown indoors in either soil or hydro setup. The yield is average, with the plant able to produce around 40 – 99 g/m2. It is reasonably easy to grow this strain, with the plant expecting to flower in nine to ten weeks. Girl Scout cookies grow best in mild and dry climates. When grown outdoors Girl Scout Cookies does not perform as well as it’s indoor counterpart, this is partially because the strain flourishes with cooler climates with minimal temperature change. The cooler the grow room the more likely you are to get purple coloring in your flowers and the more pungent “Girl Scout Cookies” smell you will achieve.


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