Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain Review

Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain Review


Cherry Pie Strain Review

Strain Highlights

Cherry Pie smells sweet and tastes a bit sour just like its namesake. Cherry Pie is known as a fast acting strain that can sustain the effects for hours without dissipating just as quickly as it came. Cherry Pie is great for uplifting your mood when you are feeling down. The overall effect of smoking these fine buds is it’s ability to instill creativity and inspire all types of new interesting projects. Medically this strain is prescribed for relaxation and managing stress. Another wonderful benefit of Cherry Pie is the boost of energy you receive; which alleviates physical weakness. This versatile strain can also be used to increase hunger when a cancer patient is suffering from loss of appetite. In terms of anxiety, Cherry pie is suitable for staying calm and relaxed in any social      situation as well.

Grow Information

Cherry Pie is a moderately easy plant to grow outdoors, where it thrives best, but is a rather easy plant to grow indoors, where it may not grow as well. These plants grow to a medium high size, so a lot of space will be needed for growing indoors. The plants require a lot of light and warm, Mediterranean style climate, to grow well. Cherry Pie plants are decently resistant to mold and pests when outdoors. The plant overall is not a hassle to grow, but care will be needed to keep yields high.


The parent strains of Cherry Pie are Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple.


Cherry Pie’s smell is comparable to the superb smell freshly baked cherry pie, just like the name implies. This strain delivers a sweet taste with hints of berry which can linger for hours after a single puff. Though there are some earthy undertones as well.  Overall, the berry like experience of the taste is remarkable.


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