Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

Cheese Marijuana Strain Review


Cheese Strain Review

Strain Highlights

The Cheese strain of cannabis, like actual cheese, is a pungent and sharp flavored. Cheese is an indica hybrid originally cultivated in the U.K. This strain ,being a unique flavor, makes the strain a quickly newfound favorite among veteran pot smokers. Cheese is one of the best strains to achieve a highly relaxed,meditative, and overall blissful state of mind received from every hit. This strain is suitable for a number of medical conditions including management of cancer therapy. Because Cheese can relax you quite quickly, it’s recommended for insomnia, elevated stress, chronic pain, and depressive disorders. The sharp flavor that one gets from Cheese is so delicious it actually increases one’s appetite.

Growth Information

Cheese is a high flowering strain, so high yields are common. This is a very easy to grow strain that is recommended to novices and experts alike due to high yields. Cheese can be grown indoors or outdoors. It grows best in warm climates with a lot of sunshine and low humidity levels. The environment should be accordingly adjusted when growing indoors. Cheese is resistant to the most common forms of pests and mold, so doesn’t require obsessive care to grow.


The cheese was first cultivated in the 1980s in the U.K. Its genetic heritage is quite mixed but is understood to descend from the Skunk #1 phenotype strain, mostly due to the aroma. Later, cannabis growers cross bred the strain with Afghani strains to increase yields and trichome production.


Cheese smoke is very pungent which goes well with the smell in  its cheesy sharpness. Along with it’s pungent flavor one can expect some earthy flavor mixed in there as well.


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