Can I move my plants from indoors to outdoors?


The first and possibly most important thing to remember when growing cannabis is that a plant will typically remain in a vegetative state as long as the hours of light provided are greater than 12. However, if you provide 12 hours or less of light a cannabis pant will enter it’s flowering stage.

There are several reasons a grower may want to move their cannabis plants from an indoor grow to an outdoor grow, all of them valid concerns and all of them representing different challenges.

One reason to begin a grow indoors and finish it outdoors is to take advantage of the natural harvest season. Many growers do this so that they can begin their growing season early providing them with the ability to grow incredibly large plants, another reason would be to induce flowering.

Before moving a marijuana plant outdoors a grower needs to determine their goal. If the goal is to move a marijuana plant outdoors while maintaining a vegetative state then it is important to time the move with the appropriate number of day light hours, 12+ hours of light will typically keep a plant from entering the flowering state. It is important that the plant has been and will be on a nearly identical light schedule as to insure that the plant does not go into any shock and maintains a vegetative state. As an example if you want to put a plant outside in early spring when natural sunlight is available for 13 hours, and is increasing, you want the lighting that the plant is being removed from to be similar.

Another common reason for moving a plant outside is to induce flowering. For roughly 1/2 the year a plant will naturally flower outdoors, this gives growers the opportunity to grow a plant to a specific size place outside and begin flowering. This is especially valuable for growers who are in a climate that maintains a low of no less than 60 degrees, providing an ideal growing temperature.

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