Can I make my marijuana plant a perennial?


This is a question that I have heard several times, and for the most part the answer is not only a no, but why…

Cannabis plants are annuals. This means that the plant dies each year and a new plant ideally takes it’s place. A perennial is a plant that can sustain several years of growth… such as an apple tree.

Now some growers have harvested the majority of the flowers off from a plant, reintroduced it into 18-24 hour light cycle, and as a result the plant will slowly go back into a vegetative state. But this causes incredible stress on the plant and significantly increases the odds that the plant will produce a lesser quality flower, as well as possibly producing pollen and thus seeds in the flowers.

Each time this is done the plant experiences more and more stress, resulting in a poorer and poorer quality plant and increasing the chances that the plant will become a hermaphrodite and pollinate itself.

The best advice is to just take clones before flowering and grow out a new plant. Hope this helped.

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