Blackberry Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Blackberry Kush Marijuana Strain Review


Blackberry Kush Strain Review

Strain Highlights

The first thing you notice when looking at Blackberry Kush is that it is a gorgeous purple plant with orange tendrils. Equally noticeable is the pungent smell and the hash like taste of the train. As an indica strain, Blackberry Kush has strong pain relieving properties. Which are best used by patients who suffer from acute or chronic pain that regular medicine doesn’t really do the job. Blackberry Kush is not a quick acting strain; so expect to take several puffs before getting a sense of relaxation. Blackberry Kush is suitable for a variety of issues like insomnia, elevated stress, and lack of appetite. Smokers should be aware that Blackberry Kush is the type to bring about serious dry mouth. So smoke this strain while well hydrated and drink plenty of water after smoking.

Growth Information

Blackberry Kush plants deliver only low yields, but flower rather quickly in 7 to 8 weeks. These plants require serious SOG treatment to deliver good yields. Blackberry Kush is not an easy plant to grow, so it’s recommended only for experienced growers. This is due to the strain being highly susceptible to mold and pests without constant care. It’s vital to keep the canopy clear to keep the plant healthy. Blackberry Kush typically thrives outdoors, but hydroponic mediums are recommended to deliver the care these plants need. The flowers of these plants are small so it’s important to increase bud head sites within the canopy.


Blackberry Kush comes from a crossbred mix of Afghani and Blackberry cannabis strains.


Blackberry Kush has a very strong diesel like aroma. However, the taste is rather sweet, like fruity berries. Along with that are it’s earthy undertones that deliver an overall hearty and relaxing flavor.

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