White Widow Marijuana Strain Review

White Widow Marijuana Strain Review


White Widow Strain Review

Although it first had its humble beginnings in Amsterdam, the White Widow strain soon gained population across the globe. This is one of the most classic strains of all time and is a big favorite for a lot of people.

Highlights of the Strain

The White Window is an intensely relaxing strain, with a feeling of happiness quickly following this initial effect. The strain also gives way to a greater mood and can even cause a certain amount of euphoria. It certainly has an uplifting effect. One of the main reasons that White Widow is used is to relieve symptoms of stress, including those that manifest as a result of PTSD and depression. It has also proven to be quite effective at reducing pain while boosting energy. White Widow is known for allowing a relaxed state where mental awareness remains untouched.


White Widow is a hybrid strain. The Brazil Sativa content is slightly higher than the South America indica. This is a truly old school strain but is still a constant favorite today.


The most powerful flavor with the White Widow is a certain dankness. This is immersed with a woody aftertaste. This strain can be quite pungent.

Grow Info

It is quite difficult to grow the White Widow. This is because it is quite particular about the climate as well as its feeding patterns. It can be planted in a soil or hydroponic setup. It is best to keep the plants indoors to promote growth, especially as they require mild temperatures to flourish. The plants should begin flowering in eight to ten weeks although the yield will be low to moderate.

White Widow when grown under the proper conditions should maintain healthy white hairs throughout flowering.


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