What You Did Not Know About Cannabis Seed


What You Did Not Know About Cannabis Seed

Marijuana seed is a big thing these days and with more countries than ever before legalizing marijuana, it’s no surprise that this concept is still at the top of the news headlines. If you talk about marijuana, you need to talk about marijuana seeds. If you do not take cannabis at home, you probably do not even think about the seeds. Many people also think they know something about these seeds, but may actually belief a rumor or old wive’s tale instead.

What do you think you know about these little seeds?

Below you will find unknown information about cannabis:

  • All Cannabis Seeds Look The Same

One of the fascinating aspects of cannabis seeds is that they are all similar. Whether it’s Blueberry X Blueberry or Blue Dream Sativa, the seeds will be identical. It’s impossible to know the difference simply by looking at the seed. Instead, you will need to see what grows after planting the seed.

  • Cannabis Seeds Contain Essential And Healthy Nutrients

Another very interesting thing about cannabis seeds is that they contain an almost perfect balance of essential fatty acids that we all need. This includes omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9. So you will often see cannabis seed in healthy food stores, and maybe you even know someone who eats cannabis.

  • A Marijuana Plant Can Produce Thousands Of Cannabis Seeds

It’s shocking to know that a single marijuana plant can produce hundreds or even thousands of cannabis seeds. It all depends on the effectiveness of pollination, the size of the plant, and the way of cultivation.

  • Cannabis Seeds Can Remain Good For Decades

If cannabis seeds are properly stored, they can remain good for up to 10 years. However, you must take care to take the appropriate steps to make sure they stay healthy and strong. Keep in mind that not all cannabis seeds will reach ten years. Instead, it is better to think that cannabis seeds can be used in about four to five years.

  • Most Cannabis Seeds Are Indica Or Sativa Strains

The vast majority of cannabis seeds on the market are indica or sativa. There is also a third type called ruderalis. Most marijuana is a hybrid or a mixture of these varieties.

  • Cannabis Seeds Are Used For Making Cannabis Oil

You can buy cannabis oil, also called hemp oil, and use it for healing properties. This oil is made from Cannabis sativa, but again, it does not contain a significant amount of THC. To make hemp oil, the seeds are cleaned to remove 99.99% of the impurities. It is possible that there are traces of THC in cannabis, but this would not be enough to cause significant changes.

  • Cannabis Seeds Are Used For Spiritual Purposes

Throughout the world, crops use cannabis seeds for spiritual purposes. For example, some people who practice the Taoist faith believe that cannabis seeds, mixed with ginseng, help people to see the future. Taoists also believe that if you eat cannabis seed, you can prevent the demons from entering your life.

Cannabis seeds have many properties, they are used in many ways and are even the source of original spiritual beliefs and urban legends. The next time someone tells you that they can tell strains or even the gender of seeds simply by looking at them, make sure to correct them.

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