What are the Best Indoor Grow Tents?


What are the Best Indoor Grow Tents?

If you are looking to grow your plants indoors, but don’t have an entire room to dedicate to that purpose – or want the choice of controlling a very specific sized space inside – then a grow tent is a great option. It allows you to create a “grow space” that can be climate controlled, light controlled, and separated from other plants, living spaces, or areas within an indoor place.

However, not all grow tents are created equal. It’s important to identify what grow tent works best for your situation.

Here are a few factors to consider:

Size of the Tent

The size of the grow tent is going to affect how many plants you can fit, how tall they can get, what kind of ventilation system you need, and what kind and size of lighting you can use. If the light is too hot, you run the risk of burning the plants. If you do not have a proper ventilation system, you run the risk of increased powdery mildew issues from high humidity levels within the tent.


A good grow tent should have ventilation options so that you can properly vent the tent. If you are not properly venting the tent, heat will build up inside the tent and cause other issues – such as heat stress. If the tent gets too humid, it can also raise the risk of powdery mildew that can severely damage the flowers.

Quality of Construction

When you are looking at a grow tent to use, you want to make sure that the canvas of the grow tent is sturdy and reliable. Durable and dependable canvas makes a huge difference in the quality of the grow. In addition, the frame needs to be strong and able to support weight, including the weight of your lighting and ventilation system.

Best Types of Systems




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