Purple Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Purple Kush Marijuana Strain Review


Purple Kush Strain Review

Strain Highlights

Purple Kush is a cannabis strain that was first invented in Oakland, California by crossing a Hindu Kush plant with a Purple Afghani plant. Purple Kush retains the sweet and earthy aroma typically associated with Kush variety strains. Purple Kush is known to make the smoker feel highly euphoric and blissful. The effects of the strain are long lasting, which has made it popular among stressed smokers. Purple Kush is mainly smoked to battle sleeplessness, stress, and chronic pain. Some smokers say Purple Kush makes them feel hungry. It has made this strain popular among people who have little or no appetite, particularly following medical treatments.

Growth Information

As the name suggests, Purple Kush is a purple plant, so it’s quite visually appealing when growing. Purple Kush is not too difficult to grow. Purple Kush plants grow in wide swathes, rather than growing tall. Therefore, this plant is great for growing indoors limited with canopy space. The plant grows quickly and well in hydroponic systems. Harvest time is typically 8 weeks after seeding.

Purple Kush plants do not require a lot of sunlight to grow, so it does well in cooler climates. Purple Kush plants require occasional pruning to remove foliage. Pruning should be aimed at improving airflow within the topmost canopy. The leftover foliage can be consumed as hash.


Purple Kush is a crossbreed of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains.


Purple Kush has a strong earthy aroma. The strain mainly tastes of grape with undertones of fruity sweetness.


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