Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Review

Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Review


Northern Lights Strain Review

Few other strains are as widely known as the Northern Lights. Renowned for its medicinal purposes, this strain is in demand by many.

Highlights of the Strain

Northern Lights almost immediately settles the body of the user, allowing them to relax their muscles and feel unencumbered. It is not just the body that is affected, either. This is a psychoactive strain capable of altering one’s conscious and inducing euphoria and happiness. The cerebral effects of the strain make it quite useful for treating depression or helping with the lessening of stress. At the same time, it can also be used to counteract pain and can also promote sleep.

The THC levels for Northern Lights can reach between sixteen and twenty-one percent.


Northern lights is an indica-dominant strain. It is descended from the Afghani and Thai strains.


There is a sweet earthiness to the Northern Lights strain. This is typically followed by a lighter but still noticeable pine flavor.

Grow Info

Northern Lights is not only in great demand, it is also quite easy to grow. This strain grows particularly well indoors and outdoors and may even result in multiple cycles each year. The plants thrive in warm and sunny climates and prefer long summer seasons. The plants will finish flowering in six to seven weeks. At this point, growers will be rewarded a high quality yield of a classic strain. The yields can range from 250 – 500 g/m2.

There is a huge difference in yield sizes for this strain due to how big that plant can be grown. Northern Lights grows exceptionally well when grown into large plants, and will create incredible large dense flowers.

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