Master Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Master Kush Marijuana Strain Review


Master Kush Strain Review

Strain Highlights

Master Kush is a legendary crossbred cannabis strain of the Kush variety. Master Kush has a pleasantly aromatic flavor, which some dub as a “vintage” flavor. The feel and taste of Master Kush can be compared to famous hard-rubbed Charas hash. Master Kush is very well known for creating a full body sense of deep relaxation. It allows smokers to enter into a relaxed state without experiencing any mental numbness. In fact, Master Kush is known to sharpen sensory awareness. It’s a great strain for people who want to relieve pain or stress but simultaneously remain active and energetic. The revitalizing effect of Master Kush is great for great loss of appetite.

Growth Information

Master Kush is an easy to grow, high yielding strain that novice growers love. It grows well both indoors and outdoors. Master Kush requires low humidity levels and warm temperatures to thrive. However, It can grow well outdoors because the strain is well adapted to handle colder temperatures at night. Due to the plants’ short and dense phenotype the Master Kush strain is highly suitable for growing indoors with limited amounts of space.


Master Kush descends from two land-race strains found in different parts of the Hindu Kush Mountains. The strain was first cultivated by Dutch White Label Seed Company in Amsterdam.


Master Kush has a flavor that is similar to the classic taste of the other strains in the Kush family. It mainly has an earthy taste with hints of spices and herbs. The subtle taste is accompanied by an extremely pungent aroma.

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