Identifying Tobacco Mosaic Virus in Your Garden


How to Identify Tobacco Mosaic Virus

The name is quite interesting, right? There is also another fun fact related to the virus. Did you know TMV is the first discovered virus? Amazing, isn’t it? But, the virus is not amazing at all, especially for the marijuana plants. Usually, the tobacco plants get attacked by this virus that is the main cause of twisted leaves, slow growth, and less yield. The major symptom of mosaic virus attack is the yellow stripes on leaves. Today, you will get to know more about the tobacco mosaic virus.

Fun Facts about Tobacco Mosaic Virus

  • You have known that this is the first discovered virus ever. But, there are several factors you need to know to keep your plants away from it.


  • TMV can affect several types of plants than only tobacco. Plants like, tomato, petunia, tobacco, pepper, spinach, eggplant, marigold and obviously, marijuana.


  • So far, themosaic virus has affected 125 species of plants;still, there is no proof of attacking cannabis.


  • Mosaic virus leaves in soil and also can be transferred from one plant to other by hand.


How Does TMV Spread?

Tobacco Mosaic Virus is one of that virus that can contaminate soil and also the plant debris. Even the virus is so strong that it can affect the seed coats. Any contaminated gardening tools, your hands or clothing can spread the virus rapidly. So, if you once notice any attack of the virus at any one plant of the garden, take immediate step to save your garden.

You should also clean yourself after dealing with the virus as that can also make you ill. Be careful! Clean hands with soapy water.

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