Durban Poison Marijuana Strain Review

Durban Poison Marijuana Strain Review


Durban Poison Strain Review

Durban Poison has been a favorite among users for a while now due to its positive effects. Here is what you should know about this exotic strain:

Highlights of the Strain

The most noticeable effect of Durban Poison is a considerable increase in energy. In addition to being energetic, users also experience an overall boost in their mood. This strain makes people productive and can even help them to maintain their focus. There are countless medicinal purposes for Durban Poison. Some complications helped by this strain is to alleviate depressive symptoms, curb anxiety, cut down on pain, and reduce the feeling of nausea.

The THC levels for Durban Poison are quite high, averaging between 16 to 25 percent. The CBD levels are between 0 and 0.2 percent.


Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain, descended from the South African strain.


The most distinct flavors with this strain is an earthy and sweet taste with a subtle yet lingering pine aroma.

Grow Info

Growers find it quite simple to grow the Durban Poison strain. This is because it can grow in a variety of climates, although it thrives in slightly warm temperatures. Since it is impervious to most weather, this strain can be grown outside where it can grow taller. The taller portions of the plant will need to be supported and there is a certain amount of pruning required. The time until the plants flower is relatively short and flowering should take place after about eight to ten weeks. The yield for this strain is moderate.


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