Chemdawg Marijuana Strain Review

Chemdawg Marijuana Strain Review


Chemdawg Strain Review

Strain Highlights

Chemdawg is quite a popular strain of marijuana. It has a mysterious origin, though smokers love it nonetheless. Chemdawg is very well known because of its very distinct diesel aroma. This is a pungent strain, and it will make clothes and rooms smell strongly. The strain is known for its sharp taste as well. This is a highly potent strain that is suitable for smokers who are accustomed to sharp strains. This strain typically has 15 to 20 percent of THC levels. Chemdawg delivers a heavy-bodied feeling soon after smoking commences due to it’s high potency. Smokers say they feel it hit after a puff or two. The strain is mainly used for pain relief ,managing stress ,and the heavy-bodied feeling makes this strain useful for managing insomnia as well.

Growth Information

Chemdawg grows quickly from seed to plant because the strain responds very positively to training. This strain provides high yields with SCROG. This strain is highly suitable for getting big crops with limited amounts of space. Chemdawg does require some care as its buds are vulnerable to mold due to it’s density of growth. Training and foliage removal should be performed before flowering on the plants to allow for proper air flow and upright growth.


The original genetic language of Chemdawg is unknown. Though Chemdawg has been a parent source for some well-known strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel.


Chemdawg’s smell is a pungent but in a pleasant way. It has earthy undertones and a very notable diesel flavor. The sharp diesel taste of Chemdawg is distinct and cannot be experienced with other strains. If you want a milder taste you can get a milder taste with Chemdawg’s children crossbreeds like Sour Diesel.

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