Blueberry Marijuana Strain Review

Blueberry Marijuana Strain Review


Blueberry Strain Review

Strain Highlights

Blueberry is what veteran smokers call a “legend” wait for it “-dary” strain. The strain became super popular after winning the “Best Indica” cup at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2000. The strain is named thus so because of the strong aroma and taste of blueberries that it has. This strain is known for producing a sense of euphoria and relaxation that lasts for a long time. Blueberry is popular among medical marijuana users as a potent pain and stress reliever. Blueberry can make the user feel sleepy, so it’s a good strain for insomnia as well. This strain has higher than average THC levels that makes it particularly effective for medical use.  Blueberry is also popular among growers because of the plant’s beautiful blue-purple color.

Growth Information

Blueberry should be grown outdoors. It can grow indoors, but requires careful care inside greenhouses. The soil or growth medium for the plant should be monitored for nutrient content constantly. Topping the plants in a bush is known to increase yields. The insides of Blueberry plants are susceptible to powdery mildew. Therefore, the plants should be carefully pruned.


Blueberry was first bred in the 1970s by the celebrated American cannabis breeder DJ Short. Short used a number of exotic land-race strains when creating Blueberry, so its exact genetic origins are hard to pinpoint. The cultivation of Blueberry has changed since it was originally bred, which led to the highly mixed genetic heritage we know today.


Blueberry is one of the sweetest tasting marijuana strains around. The most notable flavor and smell is of course blueberry; but the strain has strong undertones of berry fruit flavors as well.

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